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Characterizing WWII

World War II was a war of technology, a war of speed, a war of ideology, and, most of all, a Total War.

I. Technology in WWII was far more advanced than that of WWI, making the power of Western Nations more industrial, and this time both offensive and defensive. Additionally, much of the new technology was in the areas of transportation, communication, and intelligence gathering.
a. Tank & tracked vehicles
b. Aircraft & aircraft carriers
c. Submarines
d. Force projection capability
e. Oil technology
f. Communications, radar, codes
g. Ordnance: New bombs, shells,
II. WWII saw the advent of a number of new strategies for offensive and defensive actions
a. Blitzkrieg (Lightning war) – a war of mobility
b. Carrier warfare
c. Amphibious landing techniques (comparisons at Guadalcanal, Aug. 1942-Feb. 1943)
d. Air war – the Battle of Britain, Anti-ship/submarine warfare/Bombing of factories and civilian centers
III. WWII was, at least nominally, fought over ideas.
a. Fascism, Nazism, Militarism, Totalitarianism
IV. WWII involved civilians in a way never before seen.
a. Total War: In the factories
b. Total War: Civilians as combatants
c. Total War: Defeating the morale of the enemy
d. Total War: Genocide, Wholesale slaughter, Raining fire from above, Kamikaze, The use of Prisoners of War, Internment, and the National Press